Sand Volleyball


Before registering, be sure you download the "Activity Release Form" aka waiver. You will be required to submit one once you are rostered on a team. You can not participate without it. This is separate from the waiver you will sign for Reno's the first night of the league.


Who doesn't love some Sets on the Beach? Currently, we have two leagues in Lansing. We have a Monday night "social league" that is for people of all skill levels. This league is very lenient on lift calls, and everyone encourages one another to get better each week. We offer this league twice a year. Session 1 typically starts in May and ends right around July 4th. Session 2 starts first week of August and ends in early October.

We also offer a more competitive league where the calls are more strict. This league though is what we call a draft league. Meaning you can not sign up to play with anyone you know. Everyone is a free agent and on the first night of the league, we draw names randomly and that is your team for the season. It's a great way to keep teams even and also to meet new people! We only do one session of this league each year on Tuesday evenings.

Grand Rapids

We are looking to possibly add a sand volleyball league in GR in summer of 2024. We are in the process of looking for a facility to host us. If you know of a location that would have us, please send an email to

Lansing - Monday Night Social

The Monday night social league is back beginning May 13th!  Space is limited in this 5on5 sand volleyball league to just 64 participants, so don't delay, register today!  We will once again be at Reno's North with a start time of 6:30PM.  

LANSING - Tuesday Competitive

Draft volleyball is back for its second season, once again on Tuesday nights beginning June 25th!  You cannot sign up with anyone for this league, as teams are randomly drawn on the first night. This is a great way to meet some new people.  

In the event we have a number of people sign up that is not divisible by four, the 1-3 people not drafted to a team shall be the designated league substitutes. 

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