Get ready to dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge! Balls will be flying everywhere during this non-stop fun. Find some friends, sign up to be on the same team, OR sign up solo and get added to a team and make some new ball dodging friends! Either way, you will not want to miss out all this intense fun!


All participants must be at least 18 years of age on the day the league begins.


Fall, Winter, or BOTH!


Ann Arbor - We will be finding a new facility in Fall 2024.

Grand Rapids - Garfield Park Gym

Lansing - Hannah Community Center, but looking at other facilities.


There are no formal practices with this league; however, if a team wants to meet on their own they are more than welcome to.


Teams will play two timed matches per week. Matches are 18 minutes of non-stop play. The team that wins the most games during the time limit, wins the match. Matches in the regular season may end in ties.

Playoff matches are not times and are best-of-seven series. Any consultation games played shall be best-of-five.


Please review the rules as they may be significantly different than what you played in elementary school! Also, teams are required to be the referee and line judges for a game each week. Failure to show up for your assigned game will result in a forfeit of your next game played.

The waiver must be uploaded during the registration process in order to successfully register for the league. So save/print and sign now.


Participants will be provided with a team t-shirt.


The waiver must be uploaded during the registration process to successfully register for the league. So download this document, then either electronically fill it out to upload, or print it and fill it out and take a picture of it to upload.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't played dodgeball since I was in elementary school, should I play in this league?

Our leagues are built to be more fun, then competitive. We welcome everyone to participate regardless of skill level. We are more interested in building a fun, social atmosphere for the LGBTQIA+ Community then we are in building an olympic dodgeball team!

Grand Rapids - Winter 2024

Grand Rapids Inaugural Dodgeball Season.

Ann Arbor - Winter 2024

8 Week League (2/06-4/23) no games 2/20 or 2/27 because of school's spring break

Pittsfield Elementary School

8PM Start Time

Cost $50 per person

Deadline to Register was Feb. 5th


Lansing Dodgeball will be back in the fall of 2024!

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