Our biggest and best of all the leagues. This was the very first GAAY Sports League in the spring of 2022 with just 44 people. Now, our Lansing league typically has over 140 people each session. With 8 or more teams, this is where it's at! We also have leagues in Grand Rapids and look to add Ann Arbor in the summer of 2024. Also, we hope to have the first state-wide tournament in 2024 between the three cities and may even invite the Detroit leagues not affiliated with us.


All participants must be 18 years of age or older on the first day of the season to participate.


We typically run two sessions of kickball a year. One usually begins in April and continues into June. We consider this our Spring League. Then we usually start another league in August and finish sometime in early October. We consider this our Fall League.


Lansing plays at the East Lansing Softball Complex on Abott Rd.

Grand Rapids will be held at Huff Park on Thursday evenings.

Ann Arbor - TBD


We don't have any formal or official practices. We leave that up to the teams and our volunteer coaches to do decide for themselves.


This is an eight week league. Typically you play seven regular season games and then the final week is the championship tournament. It tends to vary season to season depending on how many teams you have, but minimum eight games.

This league is held on Sunday afternoons. Start time varies on the season and park availability, but typically we play from 4-7pm.


All participants will receive a team t-shirt as part of their registration. We are looking at options to receive a discount if you play on the same team and reuse your t-shirt, but still working on that.

Extra Costs

If you need a 2XL or larger shirt, there is an additional fee. Otherwise, plan on going to Reno's after the games for food, friendship, and fun so you will need some money for that!

Lansing Champion - Fall 2023

Salty Pitches


You will need to upload a waiver before you can play so please download this file and fill it out. Once you register you will get an email asking you to upload it for approval.

Grand Rapids Champion - Fall 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't played since I was a kid, should I still play?

It's like riding a bike, you'll remember how real quick. Besides, the real point of the league is to have fun and socialize with out people, so don't worry too much about being good at kickball.

I'm not very athletic, will people on my team be upset with me if I drop a ball?

If they are, then they are playing in the wrong league, not you. We are here to have fun and meet new people. Though we can all get a little competitive at times, we need to remember we aren't play for any extravagant prizes or money, so just let it go, and catch the next one kicked your way!

Am I too old to play?

If you are asking the question, then you are not too old. If you think you might be able to, then yes you can! If you can kick the ball and run to first base, we got a spot for you!

I'm not gay, can I still play?

Of course you can! The second A in GAAY is for allies. As long as you support and love us, we welcome you to come be a part of our family!

Lansing - Spring 2024

The flagship of GAAY Sports. Our kickball league is the largest of all the leagues and is typically offered in both the spring and fall.  Our Lansing league begins Sunday, April 21st at East Lansing Softball Complex at 4 PM.  

Grand Rapids - Spring 2024

Kickball is back in GR!  We will once again be at Huff Park on Thursday nights at 6:30PM. First night of league is May 16th and we will conclude on July 11 (no games July 4th).  Be sure to join us at Maggies after the games for even more team bonding and fun! 

Ann Arbor - Summer 2024

Get ready Ann Arbor, kickball is coming to your city this summer and you do not want to miss out on the fun!  We will play Saturday afternoons with games at 12:00 and 1:00 PM. beginning June 15th with a "learn to play/practice day" for everyone.  This will be your opportunity to get a broad overview of the rules, ask questions, meet your team and practice a little.  Then, on June 22nd, the games count!  The league will conclude on Aug. 17th unless we have a rainout, then it will end Aug. 24.  

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