Meet the people of GAAY Sports. Each of these people have a position on the Board of Directors and play an integral role in making this multi-city sports empire work.


Nicholas Wendling is the President of the Board and the Executive Director of the day-to-day operations of GAAY Sports. He attended MSU for his undergraduate degree, and upon graduation in 2002 has some how always ended up back in the Lansing area despite several attempts to move away. In 2017 he discovered what was then Varsity Gay League (now Out Loud Sports) in Orlando, FL. After spending years feeling like he never fit in anywhere he went, he had finally found his trip of people. He commented that if he every came back to Michigan, he would start something like that here so that gay men who didn't necessarily fit the "stereotype" would know that there is a group of gay men out there who love sports and other outdoor activities. After moving back to Michigan during the Covid Pandemic, he did just that in 2022 when he started GAAY Sports.

"This started because I wanted to see if any hot single men would join so that I could meet someone who played sports. Little did I know that people were starving for something fun and social to do coming out of the pandemic. It quickly grew into a statewide social movement, and nearly every day I am humbled and overwhelmed with joy at the things people say to me about how much this means to them."

Lansing Social Chair - James Pyle


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